Wow! I really enjoyed all of your workshops! They are all of such high quality. You should be very proud of yourself. It’s hard to share what you know with others; however, you have such a giving spirit. Thanks,

Susan N.

I loved the gentle, well-planned instruction with “elbow room” to create and DO the techniques demonstrated. I loved being free to look through Valerie’s books, journals and materials. This was a wonderful class – the ambience, the music, the snacks, the visiting added to the workshop. I didn’t mind the long drive.

Diane D.

The best parts of the workshop for me are: having creative freedom to try new techniques and ideas. Valerie is very well organized and supplies are put together well. The setting is beautiful.


I was hoping to learn how to make a beautiful journal, and sharing time with my daughter making a journal and memories – which I did. Thanks Valerie! I love being in a real art studio and my daughter loves it too. For us it’s not about the end product. It’s about the process and all that it entails, i.e. atmosphere, demos, your guidance and teaching etc.

Liz R.

Valerie’s Art Journaling Workshop more that met my expectations. The technique demonstrations and getting to see Valerie’s artwork is wonderful, but also the companionship of all the attendees. For the Spring, Summer, and fall, the courtyard garden is relaxing and inspiring – one great thing also is how organized Valerie is and able to handle such diverse artists. Thanks!


I learned new creative techniques and enjoyed taking the time to escape and relax. I appreciated the openness to create with an overall structure. The studio workshop and size of the class is perfect.

Kathie Gadd

The workshop exceeded everything I had hoped! Worth every minute and every penny. The best part from me was being able to meet you Valerie and be in your space – so warm and inviting! I especially enjoyed the marbling, your outline painting and shading. Valerie, your art spoke to me in a way I could never express or explain… Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Chris F.

I received well beyond my expectations in Valerie’s Art Journaling Weekend Workshop. Over and above the tips, techniques and inspiration: listening to Valerie share ideas, the demos, and her hearty laugh. Thank you so much Valerie!