These pages were really fun to do. The circles, with their wholeness and lack of sharp edges make me happy and remind me of God’s presence. As I doodled and painted I listened to worship music while worshiping with my pen and paint, humming and singing along: for me a kind of reveling, visual prayer and play. When I finished the circle decorations I added words from my research on Shalom around the edges. This circle idea is something I always come back to. I’s so fun I think I will include the circle in the upcoming summer workshops.
Below I traced my hand and a circle, added personal symbols, the word t-r-u-s-t to the finger nails and glued on the painted paper swirls. Then I tinted everything with fluid acrylic paints, another technique I will show in the summer workshops.
shared by the Maranatha Community:

“You knew me at the moment of my creation
and even then you loved me.
You knew me and loved me in my mother’s womb.
My nature was known to you.
You called me by my name
You held me in your arms
You embraced me
You breathed upon me
You gave me your life and your love.
You watched over me from my earliest childhood
You were present at all times and in all places
my unseen playmate, schoolmate, workmate
my unseen guest at every meal.
You shared in every encounter
You watched over me silently
even in the long hours of the night.
You shared in every journey
You traveled with me
You were at the beginning of each journey
You were my companion on the way.
Without you I lose my way
my journey has no purpose
I become exhausted on the way.
But You are my Alpha and Omega
You are my way
You are the the way itself, the Way of Life.”


  1. Valerie, these pages are beautiful….the colors are so soft and expressive….I wish I were close enough to take one of your workshops……

    I haven't had much time to doodle pray lately and I am missing it…..

  2. These are beautiful and full of wonderful meaning. I am with Nancy, I would love to take a workshop. Where are you located? And do you ever do retreat weekends?

    I ordered a copy of that beautiful prayer, thanks for providing the link.


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