Begin Living Your Word of the Year

This is the first post in a series that will be ongoing throughout 2019. I will be posting an inspirational A-Z Chronological Challenge every other Tuesday this year and recording my Word exploration in a Leuchtturm1917 journal.. The posts will include questions, activities, and Scripture to help you focus on your word in a fresh way.

Making Calendar Pages in My New Journal

This post shows calendar pages done for 2018 and how-to videos for a whole new look in 2019 in a Leuchtturm1917 journal. It also works well in a Moleskine or similar type journal. Included are questions to prompt inspiration on finding your word of the year. You can also join our Facebook Group about living your Word of the Year.

Advent Inspiration – Love

Advent Inspiration – Devotional Journal & the Message of Love & Mercy This Fourth Sunday in Advent brings the message of Love. This post focuses on the Love and Mercy of God to us, and on the meaning of “Noel” The Hebrew word for love is ahava, an intimate knowing and sacrificial giving. Love really is the answer. God knew that so he took action.  “God has shown us his love by sending his only Son into the world so that we could have life through him. This is love: not that we have loved God, but that he loved us… Read More

Do You Have a Word to Live By for the New Year?

Do you have a word to live by for the new year? Have you received a word to live by in the upcoming year? Do you have too many options or not any ideas? If you find yourself in that place, or a place of excitement in looking or knowing, be confident you are in just the right place to move into a new, fresh beginning. What if the place of feeling stuck is the place of transition and transformation? The place to pause and receive revelation? Personally, I was facing disappointment, wondering “What’s next?” Now I’m in a place… Read More

Advent Inspiration: Hope – Illuminate – joy – Kingdom

Advent Inspiration – Devotional Journal Hope – Illuminate – Joy – Kingdom This Advent season I’m participating in Mary Brack’s “Advent Words 2018” devotional and creative response. This post shows journal pages H – Hope, I – Illuminate, J – Joy, K – Kingdom. You can find out all about it and read the inspirational devotionals on her website:  The pages in this post are some of the entries in my Advent 2018 journal. Mary has generously made a calendar list of words and Scripture, and includes a daily devotional sent to your Inbox when you sign up on her… Read More

Make Your Own Mid-Century Modern Calendar Banners

Get a Jump Start on Your 2019 Journal! Retro Style!Including How-To Video on Making a Calendar Journal Page As I was playing around with Mid-Century Modern monthly banner ideas for my new journal, I thought, “These would be so much easier if I had a stencil to use…” So I made one, and StencilGirl® Products agreed it was a great idea. Here it is! It’s available to you too! Here is the new Mid-Century Modern banners for journall stencil for cards and special-making fun for your retro art!  The stencil can be used for many things, not just Monthly Calendar banners.… Read More

Advent Inspiration Journal – Peace – Part 2

Advent Inspiration – Devotional Journal & the Message of Peace This Second Sunday in Advent brings the message of Peace. The Shalom Peace of God has come to the whole earth. The Hebrew word Shalom means far more than a cease-fire or peace of mind. It means complete wholeness, as God intended us to be. It includes health, safety, security, friendship, and salvation, being forgiven, and debts paid for. In essence, peace is the reality of hope for each of us and for the world. Jesus, Yeshua, Messiah fulfilled the prophecy of peace when He said, “The Spirit of Adonay… Read More