“Spirit of Restlessness,
stir me from my longing for comfort that so often stifles me,
help me to release from the places that keep me stuck,
the direction You would have me go.

Spirit of the Great Winds,
help me to hear Your voice in the midst of 
the whirlwind of my life.
Grant me the trust to hold on 
while I am being buffeted by life’s storms.”

Water, Wind, Earth & Fire, The Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements 
My response: “Holy God, breathe Your life into the possibilities You have set before me.”


  1. I just find all your work so inspirational both in a spritual and artistic way. Many thanks for sharing – it is beautiful.

  2. Your colors are wonderful and your printing is so pretty – you always come with a great message. Your artwork is outstanding!

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