Key to Drawing Celtic Knots! Made easy!

Congratulations! You have just visited the most popular post on my blog. Since this first post about drawing Celtic knots in 2014, I’ve continued to grow in skill and enthusiasm for drawing Celtic knots, and to explore Celtic Christianity. Will you join me for this Celtic creative & spiritual retreat? In this online couirse you will learn easy ways to draw Celtic knots, designs and lettering while going on a creative and spiritual journey through the Celtic Christian hymn ‘Be Thou my Vision.’ Below is a video that shows and tells a bit more. You can find out the details at:
Here is a video that tells about some of what I learned about St. Patrick and one of my favorite hymns ‘Be Thou my Vision.”

Many Celtic knots have no beginning and no end. The Christian influence in the Celtic culture redeemed the Celtic knot from the futility of the endless cycle of life to death, transforming it into the hopeful symbolism of life, death and resurrection. In this course, as you draw the Celtic knots in these lessons, you can meditate on the hope we have of everlasting life knowing the God of the cosmos chooses to intertwine Himself with you personally.

In this course, there are 20 illuminated page lessons, one lesson for each phrase in the hymn, which has five verses/stanzas. The knots chosen in each lesson are ones are chosen to relate to the meaning of the words in the hymn. The individual lessons all have detailed video instructions and a PDF layout of the illuminated page, as well as 20 companion video and PDF devotionals with heart-full questions and prompts at the end of each lesson included.

Back in 2014 keys were a symbol for for me. They open things. My mind was opening up to Celtic knots. I’ve always been drawn to them and have even painstakingly drawn them, but since I watched David Nicholls how to draw Celtic Knot videos, I feel like the door to them has been unlocked. I even see the reference books I have on Celtic Knots in a completely new way, a way that makes them more accessible. It was the beginning of an art-filled, spiritually symbolic adventure. Here are excerpts from the original post that was only the beginning…

Here are a few more entries in my journal from August 2014:
“Dear Lord,
even though I am rough around the edges,
You love me.
You collaborate with me,
You bring forth beauty –
from ashes.
I am grateful.”
Valerie Sjodin


  1. Hi, Valerie,

    I really appreciated your sharing links to the video tutorials for drawing Celtic knots. As fascinating as it is to learn about drawing them, I’m actually more interested in learning creative techniques for coloring Celtic knots that have already been drawn. The page you posted on Pinterest with the knots you drew and colored were beautiful. I was especially inspired by the ways you colored them, using backgrounds, shading – -and stunning color combinations. I’ve searched Pinterest, YouTube and the internet for Celtic knot coloring inspiration, techniques, tutorials— but haven’t found anything specifically about the coloring part. I wondered if you’ve come across anything like this, and if you have any ideas to point me in the right direction. Thanks so much for any advice you can offer. Happy New Year!

    • Hi Elliot,
      Thank you for writing and your kind words. The coloring techniques in this post are done in colored pencil. I didn’t learn from any videos online but imagine there are a number of good ones out there. I am planning to add a Celtic knot lesson that will include coloring with colored pencil in my Bible Journaling with Stencils & More e-course which already has quite a bit of Gelato and colored pencil technique. Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Valerie! This is fabulous. I’ve always loved Celtic knots, but thought them too hard to draw. Now I can!! Btw, are the tabs on your notebook for the months? They’re gorgeous of course. I admired your work for a long time. It’s exquisite! Teresa

    • Hi Teresa,
      I know. I was so happy to find out this easy way to draw Celtic knots. Yes the tabs are month markers. One side has the abbreviation of the month and the other a circle doodle. I’ve been doing them for four years and realize there is no end to the designs we can make. Creative blessings to you! – Valerie

  3. Wonderful celtic knots Valerie and thanks for sharing David Nicholls' tutorial info. His videos seem easier to follow than tutorials I first watched when I tried to make a celtic knot drawing. I look forward to going through his series.

  4. Oh no!…I mean Oh Yes!! what have you done?! This is fabulous! I'm going to have to watch the whole series!! and draw, draw, draw. Thanks!!

  5. Thanks for the video. I just kept saying, "Wow." I can't believe he made something that looks incredibly complicated, look so easy.

  6. I really have to thank you again Valerie for posting David Nicholl's info. I have gone through several of his videos now and each time, I come up with very nice celtic designs. I've never been able to do these without a lot of struggle but now they're so much clearer and I can't stop playing with them. My mind is visualizing all kinds of uses for these.

  7. Valerie, I recently found David's videos too… and I agree… his method really makes me look at my celtic knot books in a whole new way. I still love Patrick Gallagher's videos too, as well as a tutorial I found on a French site.. but his method kind of brings them all together and makes sense!

  8. Thank you for sharing the tutorial Valerie, I tried it and it's amazing – what FUN. I am headed to Israel this week and I'll be doing celtic knots all the way there! Terri Grob

  9. Oh my!!! I'm hooked! I'm going to do large Celtic knots with tangles inside them and….and….and….lol! Thank you for sharing your discovery with us! BTW…I love your blog and your work! Indeed a visual blessing!! Xoxo

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