The Benefits of Journaling...
Why I Journal:

To remember – This may be the catalyst for all my journaling. Remembering includes recording events both ordinary and celebratory, experiences and relationships, exploration of ideas and information. Through writing, it is easier for me to re-member, put together and make sense of the various aspects of my life experience in a positive way.

Life is short and time flies by. So often, so does my recollection of things that in the moment are important to me. Journaling keeps a witness of my life story and what I value.

To gain insight and meaning – A word, letters are small things that open up whole worlds. Words are powerful. For me words are often keys to try, learn and explore truth. They often lead to imagery and use of symbols with layers of meaning.

To explore symbolic meaning in a visual way – It is a treasure hunt. Because I enjoy searching for layers of meaning and symbols that represent deeper truth, journaling is a wonderful way to explore, learn, record the findings, and have fun!

To let go and heal – Processing emotions and traumatic events through writing can be extremely helpful and healthy, to “get it out.” This writing, which can also include drawing and painting, is a way of journaling that has been part of my own inner healing. The thing that I’ve found so helpful is once I get it out, I can see it, then deal with it, and work through forgiveness and restoration of my soul. When I close the journal it no longer goes with me. It is closed in the book. For me it is very freeing.

I realize there may be many more reasons to journal, such as to express oneself creatively etc. These are just a few benefits and reasons that are meaningful to me.

Please know most of my journal pages are filled with plain writing, they are not all like the ones shown in this post. These are from a series I did from my exploration of hymns and symbolism. This particular journal featured is a Moleskine journal dedicated to series that interest me. I used to include these series in my calendar/anything journals but found I fill those up and didn’t want to run out of pages. I do the research for these types of pages in my calendar journal though.

May you be blessed with creativity as you journal!

Why do you journal? Or how does journaling benefit you?

If you don’t journal, do you think journaling would be helpful to you?

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  1. I don’t journal yet, but the reasons you mention seem good enough to start.. I think it would also help me see me making progress on some issues, the kind of thing that takes the long run, as now it sometimes feels like I am not getting anywhere, it would make more sense when I could compare to how it was before, but now I haven’t kept track..

  2. I journal a lot to help me prices situations I do not understand and journaling helps me to put my life in order and to just breathe. Your blog is a huge inspiration for me because, I really want to learn how to make my journals a lot more artistic and creative…..

    • Dear Adaeze, I totally agree, journaling does help process situations we can’t understand. Well said! It helps me step back and take a more objective look when I read over what I wrote. Somehow it helps take the emotion and confusion out of things. I’m going to try and share more about making journaling more artistic and creative. Thank you for encouraging that. Blessings to you!

  3. What a treasure trove you have built for future generations to explore and find their own wealth.You certainly haven’t hidden your talent under a rock to return to the master when he comes home! You are an inspiration!

  4. Valerie, I resonate so much with every reason you listed for journaling – remembering, gaining insight and meaning, visual symbolism, healing – I journal for all of those reasons as well! I would add that journaling, for me, as become a spiritual practice alongside Bible study and prayer. And, as an introvert, it helps restore my energy and refresh my mind and spirit. Thank you for this blog post and the boost it gave me today!

    • Well said Mary! I totally agree as journaling has also “become a spiritual practice alongside Bible study and prayer. And as an introvert, it helps restore my energy and refresh my mind and Spirit.” You also boosted me today! Hugs and blessings to you.

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