Painting Black & White Journal Cover
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There is something special about starting a new journal – pristine and full of possibilities. Adding black and white pattern with paint to a brown craft colored cover is easy and gives just the right amount of light, medium and dark contrast to make a dramatic statement that invites creative exploration. The cover is finished off with outlining the designs with a white extra-fine Posca pen and lettering first written in pencil and then gone over with a black Micron pen.

Here is a video showing how I’ve use the new stencils I’ve designed for StencilGirl Products® to paint the cover of a Ranger Journal.

The techniques shown in the above video are easily adapted to many masks and stencils. Here is an example of stenciling the envelope inside the cover of the journal painted above. I used the Pointed Scalloped Borders 9×12″ (L649) and the the 4×4″ Swag Borders Repeat (M217) border StencilGirl Products® stencils. The possibilities are endless!

Stencils are great to use in bullet journals and everyday journals. I like using dry media like Gelatos® and embellishing with black Micron Pens.  I used the Scalloped 6×6″ Border mask s644 for May, and the 6×6″ Drops & Swirls Repeat s645 and Pointed Scalloped Borders 9×12″ L649 StencilGirl Products® stencils.

Here are a few more examples of what can be made with the stencils, from a repeated background on a journal page to painted furniture. The possibilities are endless!

Blessings to you as you create!

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Just Added!

At the end of May 2018 a new Bible Journaling lesson was added featuring the Woman at the Well – John 4, including video demo with insights on the meaning of the text, and Bible Journaling margin image PDF.

StencilGirl® Products
L634 Leafy Tree Arch Mask
Large 12×9″

StencilGirl® Products
L635 Winter Trees Bark
Large 12×9″

StencilGirl® Products
6″ swallows take flight

StencilGirl® Products
Sunburst Mini 4″ M214

StencilGirl® Products
Spirit Swirl 6″
Stencil s578

Stencil Girl® Products
Spirit Wind Mini 4″ M213

StencilGirl® Products
L632 Clouds & Stars
Large 9×12″

StencilGirl® Products S511 Christian Bible Journaling Symbols 2 6″


  1. That swag border is awesome with words used as lace! I also adore the June calendar days background. How did you achieve all the colors on that? I can’t conceive of cutting squares apart and gluing them on – just seems too weak unless it is tissue but that color seems too dark for tissue. I’m perplexed – the journal is wonderful and to think you used these new stencils means I could get the same looks and feel – YEA! Would love this laying open on my desk each day as I begin work with a cup of coffee and my little day square filled with color which is more beautiful than the ‘to do’s’ list that won’t all get done. LOL

    • Hi Mary, Thank you. The calendar days were done as you thought. I had done a painted paper on sandwich wrap/deli paper (First Street Brand bought at Cash & Carry) and cut the squares out and glued them on with a glue stick. Thanks for writing! Hugs & blessings to you! – Valerie

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