Dig Deeper to Discover Your Word of the Year

Discover! I love that word. According to Merriam-Webster it means to make known or visible or to obtain sight or knowledge of for the first time, to find out.

Digging in deeper to discover more about my word of the year helps me intentionally live the word out in my daily life. Welcome to “D” our fourth A-Z challenge in Living Your Word of the Year! If you haven’t already written a Definition for your word, it is a good time to do that. I find that to be an anchor that helps me focus on living my word.


Other ways that deepen my understanding of my word is to look up verses in the Bible and quotes on the internet and/or in books. An easy way to find Bible verses about a word is to go to a site like Bible Gateway and type the word into the search box. All the verses in the Bible that have that word will show up in a list. Then read through the list for verses that resonate. I copy and past the verses that stand out into a Word or Pages document. When finished, it helps to print it as a reference. 

After printing out the pages, I read through the chosen verses again, marking the ones that resonate the most. I decided to limit the verses in my Word of the Year – Everyday Journal to fit on four pages, hand written. I put headings on the page using the Mid-Century Modern Banner and Doll Crowns Stencils (shown at end of post,) Pens, and Gelatos.

Already, I came across a Scripture passage I wish I would have included. What to do if that happens to you? I’ve decided to dedicate a page to that Scripture, put Washi tape on the edge of the page, and list the page number and the passage address in my Table of Contents. So there is no loss from the process or having a missing verse in the list.

Psalm 119:162 TPT

Your promises are the source of my bubbling joy;
the revelation of your word thrills me
like one who has discovered hidden treasure.

Some year’s the word can be challenging because it is either not found in the Bible or it’s hard to find quotes. I was looking up the word inspire or inspiration and didn’t find much. That’s when it helps to expand the Google search to include synonyms of the word. In my Google search box I typed “Bible verses about Creativity.” You get the idea.  One of my friends, and our group member Christine, was telling me her word “Identity” was not found much in the Bible when she went on Bible Gateway. She knew of a number of passages, but wanted to find out more. She typed in “My Identity in Christ” into the search box. It also helps to check different versions on Bible Gateway to expand the possibilities.

This year I ran into the opposite challenge. My word is Light, and there are over 250 verses in the Bible that have that word in it. I actually read through them, and copied and pasted about seven pages worth. It was too much, but I don’t at all regret the process. It was quite helpful and now I have good reference material for “Light.”


For relevant quotes I type my word into the Google search box and the word “quotes” after my word. A list of sites come up that I can click on and peruse. Then I do the same thing as the verses:

1. Copy and past the quotes into a word document
2. Print them out
3. Read through them again and mark the most relevant quotes
4. Copy them by hand into my journal under the heading

I’ve already used and benefited from having my Scripture verses and quotes in my Everyday Word of the Year Journal. I hope you find it helpful too!

Spoiler Alert!

I’ve decided to give a spoiler alert for our next Letter-Word “E” – Exploring, Engaging, and Expanding our Word of the Year by making a Vision Board. One reason is I’m just sooo excited about it, but I also think there may be a number of people who already have their Definition, Quotes, and Verses ready. The E idea builds on the digging deeper we’re doing this week.

Mary, Bernice and I are all doing our vision boards a little differently this year. Of course this means you can do it your very own way too, or be inspired to try one of our methods.

Here is a sneak peak into the outside covers of mine, shown next to my Leuchtturm journal, to give you an idea of the size I’m working with this year.

To prepare for making a vision board, be on the lookout for what strikes you as meaningful or relevant to you. Start clipping phrases, words, imagery that resonates with you. Put them in a Ziplock bag or envelope. Write down anything that tugs at your heart or desire. Don’t worry if nothing comes up yet. We will have more prompts and ideas in two weeks.

For info and instructions in the Facebook group, click on the files menu and a number of study helps in PDF form come up.

Blessings as you discover and create!

Living Your Word 2019 Opportunity!

Bernice Hopper, and Mary Brack, and I share insights through blog posts for keeping an Everyday Calendar Journal. We will be using the journal to record events, experiences and relationships; to explore our word’s meaning in visual and fun ways. If you would like to connect with others in creative way about organizing your word, your ideas, thoughts, prayers, events, or your projects all in one place, you are invited to join our Facebook group: Everyday Journals ~ Living Your Word of the Year.
URL for Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/203309083575277/

URLs for Instagram: #livingyourword2019


Bernice: https://newlycreative.com

Mary:  www.foundonbrighton.com

Valerie: https://valeriesjodin.com/blog/ (this one :-))

Stencils Used in This Post

StencilGirl® Products
Mid-Century Modern Banners
9×12″ L711

StencilGirl® Products
Doll Crowns

2019 Word of the Year – Everyday Journal Posts

Entering the New and Unknown with Calendar, Stencils…

Sometimes our heart knows things ahead of our experience. The calendar and journal pages in this post were made and written in April through the first week of May. With what is going on in the world now, including my home city of Portland, Oregon, the messages and prayers are more relevant than ever. The first of June is also the reveal of the new Stencil Club Mash-up set with Mary Beth Shaw. Here’s the stencils and some ideas of what you can do with them…

Pursuing Peace with the Power of the Pause

It has been said of the time we are in, and I agree, that we are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat. It is a storm none of us have faced before. Our polarization only adds to the problems, causing the divide to widen. Fear and faith struggle for control, and we choose. Our experiences are different and are expressed in different ways. The right answer may be different for different people in different places and at different times. What to do?

Drawing Daily Calendar Inspiration

As I was making my monthly calendar page, I was reminded how each day and how we live it is still important.

In our Living Your Word of the Year facebook group, Bernice put out a challenge that seems just right for this month. As usual, I’m adjusting it to my own liking, and am finding comfort in the simplicity and the daily exercise of looking back on the day, and responding with a simple symbol, drawing or words.

Adding Visual Design to a Word of the Year

One of the ways to focus on and contemplate my word of the year is through visually designing the word itself. If you aren’t interested in doing that, you can always look for a font on your computer and print out your word in the font, adding color, definitions, quotes, symbols etc.

Each year I dedicate a page to this in the journal used for everyday things, but you can also post it where you can see it each day.

Living with Intention that leads to action

Merriam-Webster defines intention as:
“a determination to act in a certain way, of Import, significance.” 

How can I be intentional in how I choose to live my life?
One way is to make intentions based on a Word focus for the year.

My word SPIRIT is quite broad. Putting my intentions in a journal helps me integrate my word into my day to day life. The process of making an intentions page reminds me of what is important about my Word for this year, and in living life.

Dare to Dream with Courageous Action

After I realized fear of failing was keeping me from hearing God clearly and taking positive action, I found the inspiration and motivation I needed. This post shares what I found. I am already stepping out with more confidence and intentional action.

How to Make a Mind Map

Only a week into the new year and decade and I was feeling overwhelmed. Not good. Numerous ‘opportunities’ were coming my way in addition to the already scheduled commitments and events on my calendar. As I wondered what to do, and not do, confusion started swirling in my head. My thoughts were not linear so I decided to do a mind map. This post shows the process I went through and three easy steps to make your own mind map.

How to do a Word Study

Whether you are researching your Word of the year or any word, these online research steps can help you grow in understanding of your word. In this post there is listed step-by-step process to explore the meaning of a word and find Scripture and quotes to add to the meaning. Examples of visually expressing words are also given.

NEW Celtic Stencils & 4 videos to jumpstart your creativity

Introducing four new Celtic stencils inspired by Celtic illuminated manuscripts. Spark your creativity with four videos and inspiring examples.See what you can do to make a bullet journal come alive with using stenciled letters that don’t look like stencils, and beautiful Spiral and tile patterns. Use a Gel Press to print shimmery papers with metallic Pan Pastels and acrylic paints.

Pages to include in a Word of the Year bullet journal

Here is a walk through of my Word of the Year bullet journal set-up for 2020. I also compare it to 2019’s journal set-up. I hope you are inspired to set up your own journal. It’s so nice to set up the monthly calendar as I go in the journal. That way there aren’t any blank pages in between entries. 

Moleskine or Leuchtturm Journal? Bullet Journal Basic Supplies

Leuchtturm or Moleskine? In this video I show you the basic supplies I use for a Word of the Year Bullet Journal. There is a list and links in the post. Cheers to your new year!

A Gift of Peace ~ Shalom Prayer

The beautiful guiding prayer of The Maranatha Community has been read and heard by millions worldwide. It has helped transform my thinking and used to bring about inner healing. In this post I’ve use the sound-track from the original Shalom CD (with permission) to overlay it onto my original artwork to create this video rendition.

7 Reasons Why I include a Word of the Year in my Bullet Journal

Video and written reasons on the benefits of including a Word of the Year in a bullet/calendar/everyday/anything style of journal

A-Z Word of the Year Challenge Journal Pages

This post shows my finished journal pages of the A-Z Word of the Year Challenge & links including A-Z of my Mystery and applying it to a word of the year.

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All StencilGirl Products® stencils are on sale now, the biggest stencil sale of the year 25% off! Ideas, Inspiration, Freebies…

Mid-Century Modern 2019 Calendar Pages!

2019 monthly calendar made in my Leuchtturm 1917 dotted journal with theme of mid-century modern & using banner stencil. Biggest Stencil Sale of the year!

Reaching the Zenith with Zeal – A-Z Word Challenge

Moving toward a zenith, the highest point in life, with passion and zeal sounds fulfilling and to me. I would like to live with such purposeful intention.

Yearning and saying Yes – Y in A-Z Word Challenge

What I yearn for I tend to say ‘yes’ to. That is why it is so important to nurture my heart, be aware of what or who I give my heart to, what I focus on, and even what I see and hear.

How I Choose a Word of the Year

Video and written steps on how to choose a Word of the Year to focus on and live by. Visit my blog for creative ways to journal and live your word this year

The Treasure of X in the A-Z Word Challenge

The mysterious treasure and paradox of the letter ‘X’ in the A-Z of Mystery journal. Scripture and questions to consider in this journey of life.

Wisdom from Above – W in A-Z Word Challenge

Seeking wisdom “the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, insight, understanding and common sense; unbiased judgment, and compassion.” What do I have grace and time for?

Vision – Valor – Victory ~ V in A-Z Word of the Year Challenge

V in the A-Z Word of the Year Challenge I was almost asleep one night recently when a phrase floated across my mind and I knew it spoke truth and asked to be written down. So I pulled myself out of bed and went to my journal to write: “Vision with Valor lead to Victory.” This got me thinking of what this means to me personally. I went to the first A-Z journal I did with Bernice Hopper’s challenge back in 2013. Here is my V for Vision for that: Vision is a key word for me right now, and… Read More

Living in Unity – U in A-Z Challenge

We are bound together in a common life. Seeking unity with one another is a worthwhile pursuit. “How wonderful it is…to live together in harmony.

Living Time Now – T in A-Z Challenge

“We live in the past of the future,” I heard Jonathan Cahn say. So I am choosing to make today count like a time traveler! It’s like I am actually able to go back in time and change the trajectory of my future. If I were looking back from tomorrow or next year, that is exactly what coming back to this moment would be like.

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