Entering the New & Unknown

Every time I make a new calendar page, I’m reminded that each new day, week, and month are to be lived moment by moment. These moments are often filled with surprises and feelings that cannot be described in words. This is one reason I make art. Georgia O’Keefe said it well when she said:

“I found I could say things with color and shapes
that I couldn’t say any other way –
things I had no words for.”

With all the New and Unknown these days, I appreciate the challenge, posed by Bernice Hopper, in our Living Your Word of the Year Facebook group for May. For each day in May, I doodled something about my day, usually my internal feeling, and sometimes symbols for an event. It was a very doable and satisfying activity.

Sometimes our heart knows things ahead of our experience. The calendar and journal pages in this post were made and written in April through the first week of May. With what is going on in the world now, including my home city of Portland, Oregon, the messages and prayers are more relevant than ever.

“Deliver us, Lord, from every evil and grant us peace in our day.”

~ from Celtic Daily Prayer, p. 159

These new stencils, June 2020 stencil set for StencilGirl Products® Stencil Club, gave me the opportunity to creatively express my hope and concerns. There are so many cool possibilities with them and I’m excited to share them with you. Here are some of my journal pages:

New Stencils!
Stencil Club Mash-up with Mary Beth Shaw!

“If we have no peace,
it is because we have forgotten
that we belong to each other.”

~ Mother Teresa


Here is a video of Mary Beth Shaw and I introducing the Stencils:

Here is a video of Mary Beth Shaw and I introducing the Stencils:



“I pray that the power of God’s Spirit
will fill your heart with hope,
peace, and joy, no matter what’s
going on in your life right now.
May you have faith that
He is working everything out.”


Looking forward with hope!

Making my June calendar last night brought a new measure of hope and faith. After a dinner and talking around the fire pit with loved ones, I am comforted that I am not alone, and there really are a lot of good people loving one another. Life is good!

Living Your Word 2020 Opportunity!

Bernice Hopper, and Mary Brack, and I share insights through blog posts for creatively living a word of the year. In our Facebook group, we encourage one another by posting questions and prompts to inspire living out a word focus, keeping a journal etc. It is a safe place to ask for prayer and support. If you would like to connect with others in creative ways about living your word, you can ask to join our Living Your Word of the Year 2020 by clicking on the link below.

URL for Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/livingyourwordoftheyear/

URLs for Instagram:  #livingyourword2020


Bernice: https://newlycreative.com

Mary:  www.foundonbrighton.com

Valerie: https://valeriesjodin.com/blog/ (this one :-))


  1. Hi Valerie, I have been a fan of your beautiful artwork for several years but I have just recently discovered your facebook group, Living Your Word of the Year. What a joy to have found this group! I don’t ever want to stop growing my spiritual life, and I see some exciting new possibilities to get creative here. I am not an artist and will need your classes and tutorials to guide my efforts. I am thinking that working with stencils might be a good place for me to start (since I can’t draw well), or maybe getting more acquainted with journaling (in general) would be a better first step. I am a blank sheet and would appreciate your suggestions for getting started. Thanks so very much,

    • Hi Donna, I apologize for the delay in response. I am getting so many spam emails, that some of the credible ones got lost in the pile. I have numerous posts about having a word of the year. I am working on a page dedicated to that on my website, but it’s not done yet. In the meantime, I suggest you type word of the year in the blog search box and helpful posts for you to choose from should come up on the screen. You can also look at the tutorial page in the dropdown menu for video how-to.

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